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Alpe Peccia Bivouac is located at 1.349 m.a.s.l. in the territory of Pettinengo, by the alp Peccia in the valley of Dolca, a confluent in Sessera Valley.

Bivacco Alpe Peccia - Montagna biellese

The access coming from Biella is through the Valsessera forestry road, starting from the Casa del Pescatore up to the Ponte dei Lavaggi on river Dolca. Right after the bridge, take the road on the left passing a bar; after a good rise you will reach the pastures of the alp.

The bivouac is not managed nor guarded; it is equipped with stove and fireplace, and plank floor for sleeping on the upper floor. You can get water in the streams, and in summer there is a connection to the sources.

MTB is the ideal way to get here, during summer the pastures are full of cows and horses.

Start: Casa del Pescatore

Difficulty: Turistico

Access time: 3 hours

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Orientale