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The agritourist farm Alpe Montuccia is located at 1.421 m.a.s.l. near the alp of the same name, on the slopes of Monticchio (1.697 m.), in the Oasi Zegna area.

Agriturismo Alpe Montuccia - Montagna biellese - Oasi Zegna

It is accessible from Bocchetto Sessera with a rise on an unpaved road, north-westward (left-hand looking the valley), at the first crossroad take left. This same road leads to Alpe Artignaga and then a ring-route will take you back to the start.

Alpe Montuccia’s dishes are cooked with local products coming from Antoniotti Farm.

During winter the road becomes a cross-country ski slope, while during summer is accessible by MTB and cars up to the hut.

Start: Bocchetto Sessera

Difficulty: Turistico

Access time: 25 min

Contacts: +39 3662874159

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Orientale