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Among Biella’s Alps, Sessera valley is the most eastern and it borders with Sesia Valley to the east; higher mount is Mount Bo, 2.556 m.a.s.l., shared with Cervo Valley to the west.

Valsessera - montagna biellese

The lower valley is urbanized with the towns of Coggiola, Pray and Crevacuore, while the upper valley, accessible by Bocchetto Sessera, has no residential areas. Piedmont region manages the state-owned forest land which develops on the main valley and on the secondary ones, maintaining slopes and pastures.

Mount Bo is accessible with an excursion trail or by the ridge between Sessera and Cervo valleys; the high passages are secured with fix ropes, only for expert hikers.

Bocchetto Sessera is located t 1.366 m and is 30 km far from Biella along the provincial road of Cervo Valley; before reaching Rosazza take the panoramic road of Zegna up to the big parking.

The access from Trivero follows the panoramic road of Zegna for 11 km, crossing the ski location of Bielmonte just before heading town to Bocchetto Sessera.