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Capanna Renata Hut is located close to the summit of Mount Camino at 2,391 m.a.s.l., near the arrival of the basket lift.

Rifugio Capanna Renata - Montagna biellese

The path starts from the arrival of the station above the cablecar, and follows indication D21 for 491 mt in altitude. You can also start from Oropa following path D13a/d13, which goes along Oropa stream on its orographic left and starts after the same bridge, beyond the lower station of the cablecar. The total difference in altitude is 1,211 mt.

Capanna Renata Hut is the third stop-over of the Alta Via (High Trail) of Biella’s Alps; starting from here, you can reach Lago della Vecchia Hut (on a ridge with some equipped sections) or, westward, Coda Hut.

The summit of Mount Camino is the arrival of the traditional mountain trail Biella-Oropa-Mount Camino, with 23 km of distance and 2,000 mt of difference in altitude, which takes place every year at the end of June.

Start: Oropa – Cablecar

Difficulty: Excursion

Access time: 1 hr 20′ from Upper station of Oropa cablecar

Owner’s contact: +39(0)1520437

E-mail address of the Hut

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Occidentale