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Monte Marca Hut is located at 1,616 mt. in Oasi Zegna, an area now officially recognised as naturalistic oasis, built by entrepeneur Ermenegildo Zegna in the 30s, thanks to his foresight and love for this territory.

Rifugio Monte Marca - Montagna biellese

You can access by Bielmonte skiing location, which is connected with Cervo Valley to the north and Trivero is 11 km far to the south, following the panoramic road of Zegna (every kind of vehicles is allowed). Between Trivero and Bielmonte you will find two short tunnels with no lighting, accessible even by double-decker buses. On previous request, you can reach the hut also by chair lift.

The hiking path starts from Bielmonte’s 2nd service area, at 1,500 mt, equipped also for campers, or from the terrace of Bar La Panoramica, near the starting point of the chair lift.

Difficulty: Touristic

Access time: 45min

Owner’s contact: + 39 (0)15 744161

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Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Orientale

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