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Mosso Valley is crossed by Strona stream, it wedges between Cervo and Sessera valleys and forms a descending arc down to Cossato, the 2nd town in the area.

Valle Mosso - Montagna biellese

The main access is from Cossato, while you can access from above by following the panoramic road of Zegna coming from Cervo Valley.

It hosts the ski area of Bielmonte and Oasi Zegna, on the side that borders with Sessera Valley. A very noticeable rocky ridge leads to Rocca d’Argimonia at 1,613 mt, equipped with fixed rope and suitable for experienced hikers.

The economy is based on the woolen business, with world-wide known brands.

Another highlight is the bridge of Pistolesa in the town of Veglio: is one of the highest bungee jumping bridge in Europe.