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Mombarone Hut is located at 2,312 m.a.s.l. close to the summit of Colma di Mombarone at 2,371 mt, which closes the alpine amphiteater of Biella to the west and dominates the area of Ivrea and its morainic amphiteater.

rifugio mombaroneMombarone Hut

People from Ivrea consider it an historical symbol, and every September the traditional trail from Ivrea to Mombarone takes place. The first edition dates back to 1922.

There is also another traditional competition from Graglia’s Sanctuary to the hut, which in 2017 celebrated the 40th edition.

You can reach the top by different itineraries: coming from Biella the path starts from San Carlo di Graglia at 1,028 mt, marked B7, that follows the south-east ridge and with a good rise reaches first Bric Paglie (rock outcrop at 1,859 mt) and then the summit with a softer climb.

There is a winter room for closing season.

Start: San Carlo di Graglia

Difficulty: Excursion

Access time: 3 hrs 30′

Owner’s contact: 391 351 5056

Hut: +39(0)15401960

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Occidentale