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La Locanda Galleria di Rosazza è situata sulla strada che unisce la Valle Cervo con la Valle Oropa;

Locanda Galleria di Rosazza - Montagna biellese

“Galleria di Rosazza” Inn is located at 1,488 m.a.s.l on the road between Cervo and Oropa valleys, close to the tunnel built in 1897 to access the passage. It is named after senator Federico Rosazza, who conceived the connection and created the facility as an inn for workers and laboratory.

The inn is a stop-over in the GTA – Gran Traversata delle Alpi (a long-distance hiking trail in Piedmont) and it is accessible from Oropa by paved road (T) or path D17 (E), being careful not to go up to Colma Pass, but to follow the detour D17a toward the tunnel. The rise from Cervo Valley follows the paved road cutting some bends.

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Start: from Oropa Sanctuary or San Giovanni d’Andorno Sanctuary (Cervo valley)

Difficulty: Touristic/Excursion


Strada Federico Rosazza – San Paolo Cervo BI
tel. +39(0)15 88 53 220 – cell. + 39 337.247440

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Accessible by car, motorbike or MTB on paved road in both directions. Not accessible by camper.

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Occidentale