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Antoniotti Bivouac is not managed and it is located close to the summit of Mount Bo at 2,556 mt.

Bivacco Antoniotti - Montagna biellese

The normal route starts from Montesinaro, a Piedicavallo hamlet at 1,209 mt. along path E70, that becomes E74 once passed Finestre Alp at 1,731 mt. The last climb line is an exposed ridge, therefore it is ranked as Expert Hikers. There is no water in the nearby, but the view from the top, at sunrise, on Sessera valley and Mount Rosa is worth the effort.

It is also possible to climb along the watershed between Cervo and Sessera valley, some sections are equipped with fixed rope and a considerable exposure.

Start: Montesinaro, Piedicavallo hamlet

Difficulty: Expert Hikers

Access time: 4 hours

Cartography: Carta dei Sentieri – Biellese Nord-Occidentale